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Headway Skins and Child Themes

It seems that Headway is constructed so that a skin can act as a child theme. Hence there seem no child themes available.

Their docu:

  • Quick Reference Guide. Handy as a starting reference
  • Using skins
  • and

  • Headway and Child Themes

My aim is to port the headway alterations to various WordPress installations from this sandbox type site….just figuring out.

Huh? After WPEngine DNS issues


Huh? After WPEngine DNS issues

All of a sudden after migration and remigration I end at the WPEngine error page above when I try to reach chairblog.eu

There is something wrong.

I check at my Resistrar if the nameservers are pointing correctly to the dediserve nameservers. They do.

I check in Dediserve’s DNS system if the correct IP number is still there. It is.

Nevertheless the Global DNS Propagation Checker tells me some nameservers point to the WPEngine nameserver which we left last Friday…

In the meantime the VPS suffers an OOM issue….again 2 hours of my precious time lost to hosting issues….